March 2014

The weather continued cold for the winter of 2014 during March.  Emergence of butterflies and odonates was delayed until very late in the month or even into April.  Land birds were stressed due to vanishing food sources and water birds were found early in the month in limited open water which at times during the winter had been in short supply due to the cold.  Concentrations of ducks were good for the variety of species present and the abnormally high number Red-necked Grebes continued in Virginia.  I noted a Northern Goshawk migrating through Fredericksburg during mid-month as it vocalized, catching my attention, and then continued soaring off to the northwest.  Some images for the month follow:

turkey2014springredneckedgrebe2014colonialhts2goldencrownedkinglet2014ccc2 goldencrownedkinglet2014ccc1 glaucousgull2014colonialhts2 glaucousgull2014colonialhts1rosssgoose2014anorthernharrier2014male